Albena Design Bureau Ltd was founded in 2000 by arch. Vesela Petkova, arch Svetoslava Kolarova and eng. Jordan Jordanov.

The main principles in our work are:

functionality, originality of the decisions, individual approach to each project, considering the spirit and specifics of the environment, constant dialogue with the client and the builder.

We design as if for ourselves.

Our leading keywords are:

self-improvement, work, dedication, morale and responsibility to our profession.

Our clients are many Bulgarian companies and individuals that have given us their vote of confidence through the years and together we have realised a great number of hotel and restaurant complexes, individual and multi-family residential buildings, interiors, as well as a number of industrial and agricultural projects. We also work on urban landscaping and Landschaft tasks.

We value and are proud of our long-standing partnership with Albena AD. We have the pleasure to work with companies in different industries.

We have had successful partnerships with Dobrich Municipality, General Toshevo Municipality and other.

We are sales representatives engineering software

dipl. arch. Vesela Petkova

dipl. eng. Jordan Jordanov

dipl. arch. Svetoslava Kolarova

dipl. arch. Radina Staneva

dipl. arch. Malina Kodzhabasheva