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BETONexpress – software for designing structural elements of reinforced concrete. The dimensioning is according to Eurocode 2, EN 1992-1-1:2004, Design of concrete structures, General rules and rules for buildings with supplement of Eurocode 7, EN 1997-1:2004, Geotechnical design – General rules for geotechnical analysis (footings, retaining walls), Eurocode 0, EN 1990:2002 for load combinations, and Eurocode 8 for seismic loading.

WOODexpress – Structural Timber design software. A program for design and dimensioning of timber components and timber roofs according to Eurocode 5 (EC5). In a graphic environment you design roof trusses and elements of timber structures. WOODexpress simplifies all the repetitive and time-consuming every day calculations for timber elements and timber roofs. Detailed report with calculations, automatic generation of truss drawings and details of connections.

SteelPortalFrame EC3 Design of Steel portal frame structures according to Eurocode 3. Complete design verification according to EN1993-1-1 for section classification, cross-section resistance and member in plane, out-of plane and lateral torsional buckling. Design of bolted connections for аpex, еave and base, according to EN1993-1-8. Design of column base joint according to EN1993-1-8. Anchoring system to resist uplift forces according to CEN/TS 1992-4. Base connection can be pinned or rigid.

FRAME2Dexpress+EC – Program for static and dynamic analysis of 2-dimensional framed structures. Distributed or nodal dead and live loads can be specified. Load combination is used according to Eurocode 1, with user defined load combination coefficients. The program performs computation of internal forces and diagrams for displacements, bending moments, shear and axial forces. In the dynamic analysis the eigenfrequencies and the mode shapes are computed. Graphical output for the diagrams and mode shapes is displayed.

SteelSectionsEC3 – Design tables for Structural Steel Sections according to Eurocode 3, EN 1993-1-1:2005. Tables with all the international steel sections, with their dimensions, properties, classification, resistance and buckling resistance values according to Eurocode 3, EN1993-1-1:2005. The tables are extended to welded section with dimensions given from the user.

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